The Shree Gomatesh Education Society has been established in the year 1995-96 with the intention to educate the rural public and to give quality health service to the rural needy people. Till now Shree Gomatesh Education Society started and developed Nursing Institutes Which is giving the admissions to rural poor needy Girls widows and divorces etc. and giving a job opportunity also Shree Gomatesh Education Society Conducted the many medical camps treatment Camps Blood Donation Camps and awareness activities like H I V Etc. at Hospital for the benefit of Rural Poor people. Till now more than 10,000 (Ten Thousand) operation have been conducted in this hospital. Shree Gomatesh Education Society has started a teacher training institute in this rural place and producing a quality teacher to develop the next generation. This Institute is admitting rural poor needy boys and girls by which real service is given.

Shree Gomatesh Education Society has started a pre-primary and primary school in this rural village and giving admissions to only rural children without taking any kind of donations, capitations etc. Shree Gomatesh Education Society with vast experience of its Management Directors and Chairman is realized many more problems of rural people for which prepared many other plans for the benefit of rural people and New Hospital is one of the plan. It will be one of the Modern Hospital in rural area to help the rural public. Whether the proposed area of activity has something in common with business or professional activities of the trustees/ promoters and it yes details of the same. The proposed activity of the society is to establish a Hi-Tech Hospital at Ankali Tq: Chikkodi Dt. Belgaum State: Karnataka. The proposed Hi-Tech Hospital will be able to provide Medical Services by starting cardiac Care unit (CCU) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Dialysis Care and many other Emergency Medical Facilities to rural community of surrounding Ankali. All the managing Committee members are mainly involved in agriculture the proposed activity of society are not similar or common to activity of the managing Committee.